“Sensation!” That is the name of a dog who is brought to mind when I think of my favorite wine, Sensation is an English Pointer, and a very famous one at that, You’ve probably seen his picture many times over pointing directly ahead stiff as an arrow. This may have been an odd way to start this piece on Wine, but it’s hard to describe how you feel once you finally find a wine that is nothing short of delicious! It’s a Sensation!

A sensational wine is the kind of wine that you always need to have more than two bottles on hand. If you serve it to a guest, they’re going to seek you out. It’s that, they’ll be following you right into your kitchen just to find out about it, kind of wine. You can serve this light, crystal crisp libation before dinner, with dinner and after dessert. You can do well to take this on a picnic with cheese, bread, apples and figs and it will prove perfect. A delight to the palate!
Here’s where I need to be able to say “drumroll please…”

It’s Risata, an Italian Moscato d’Asti, It’s equally interesting that this wine is made from peaches, apricots and honey. At only 5.5% alcohol by volume, you can enjoy it without a care of feeling tipsy after a glass or two. In fact, that’s part of the overwhelming fondness and mystique of it satisfies your palate without dulling your senses. Only 150 calories per six ounce wine glass, if that is of concern to those of you who are watching your caloric intake.

Do venture to try a bottle of Risata, You will find it in a stately royal blue bottle with a spray of light blue grape leaves splayed behind white writing. You will find it no more pricey than any other Moscato from Italy but that price point, trust me, will become less important after you sample it.

If you’ve always wished for a delicious wine– then you’ve found it. Just like “Sensation”..point yourself straight to the nearest Wine Shop or your local green grocer and pick some up. It’s come to be about the only wine I drink now. I’m unabashedly a Risata enthusiast.

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