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Islandgirlwrites on Education

Islandgirlwrites on EducationStriving to help your
child embrace
Lead by example.
Read the newspaper!
Anyone can use this
simple trick to teach
them something akin
to study skills at a
very tender age.
Here’s an excerpt
from my e­book that
might give you some
insight into how to help your children learn to read well before kindergarten. The
more they are subjected to words in print, the more their minds can interpret them
when you begin teaching them to read.
….even when they were tiny, at home, I only let them color in the newspaper, not so
much in coloring books. They learned to handle it (the newspaper), turn the pages,
show me the pictures, point to the comics etc. We made a game of how fast they could
flip through and find me a picture of a boat, for example. They learned very quickly how
to find it in the Travel section. Even though they couldn’t read the word “travel” they
knew what the letters at the top of the section meant. They easily learned that there
were pictures of boats in that section that was headed by the letter string T­R­A­V­E­L.
You get my drift. {excerpt from Improving on Perfection e­book}
Helping your young child figure out what the words mean is half the battle. If
you focus on teaching them what certain groups of letters, strung together, mean.
You will find that having subjected their minds to the newspaper print words will
have made a subconscious impression. This works wonderfully on 3­4 year olds.
Yes, your youngster can figure out what the word pizza “means” well before they
can proficiently spell it. They go to a place that has Pizza written on the sign. The
box says pizza. You ask if they like the “pizza”. Having digested the meaning
previously, it becomes simpler for them to associate the spelling of P­i­z­z­a with
that string of letters when you attempt to teach them to spell it and hence recognize
it. It’s the same strategy used in Hooked­on­Phonics. Expose them to letters and
words, consonants and vowel blends well before they can read.
If you didn’t know about this simple trick, then…
It’s proof positive that, learning is a lifelong process and as a parent, you too
can learn something valuable from a book on child­rearing. Some parenting
techniques are age­old and tried and true, while other more contemporary strategies
have yet to stand the test of time. If you are going to take advice, get it from
someone who has had great success. This concept worked very well for me. All of
my children could read before they went to kindergarten. Hope this helps.

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