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colorpurple5Pamela Scruggs is a Registered Nurse by trade but a writer at heart. An independent publisher of all manner of media from blog articles, books and reviews, people seem captivated by the keen voice that resonates through her words. After years of ridiculous rejection letters from traditional publishing houses, she changed her platform to self-publishing and carried on. She began writing in high school, working on the school newspaper, because she had a dynamic ability to describe things. Pamela has an uncanny way of making you feel her writings come alive, off the pages and into your soul. Her books seem to give her characters their wings by delivering an honest full circle story bound to ignite your senses.
Her first published work was a 12 page wonderbook in the christian/marriage self-help genre. This was merely a test for her to learn the self-publishing process, but it sold phenomenally well on LuLu. Let Me Get This Straight bores right into the crux of what marriage is all about and how the modern day christian woman can actively embrace it. It outlines how the christian wife can rightly take her place as the virtuous woman she was ordained to be. One review said “this little book is straight-forward, natural and masterfully done”. Her second offering was a child-rearing book in paperback and e-book entitled Improving on Perfection: Molding your Children Solidly before they Leave the Nest. Having been asked for decades how she raised her three brilliant daughters, Pamela, set about erecting a sensationally candid volume chocked full of her parenting techniques. It takes the reader into an engaging and empowering dialogue on raising smarter kids. As sole owner of the Islandgirlwrites brand, Pamela Scruggs went on to create a third work in paperback and hardback. It’s a romantic saga novel entitled Our Glorious Love Affair. This time it was a smoldering love story with depth and starch, just oozing with sexy intrigue and everything else a good romance epic should have. One reviewer says “her romance writing is both fiery and inspiring.” Aiming to have another breakthrough title in the fiction genre, Pamela has plans to release a series of action drama novellas. The first of which (soon to release) is entitled Island: Girl on the GO. It’s the story of the nutty travel escapades of a high-energy chick who’s both cantankerous and irascible. The Islandgirlwrites Series will be available in paperbacks, audiobooks and by podcast. Plans for the future include a Youtube original paleo life-coaching series entitled: Vibrance and Vitality: Finding your Sheen inside and Out. Expect the latter to be available as a dynamically empowering audiobook and in hardback. Stay tuned for more releases by the adventuresome Pamela Scruggs at islandgirlwrites.com.