The Basics of Dining While Traveling

Cruise11-11-07 037One of the best things
you can perfect is how to take in the delights of dining while you travel. When you
finally take time away from the grind and decide to live a little, be sure you enjoy
the culinary wonders around you.
Traveling comes with many opportunities for adventure. Taking in the culture
of a place most certainly means tasting its unique culinary flare. It can be as
simple as dropping in on the favorite local gelato or ice cream shop and trying out
a flavor you’ve never had before. Or, it can be as lavish as making a reservation for
a seven course meal with wine pairings. The adventure is trying something new
and making an effort to expand your palate. Doing some research ahead of time
can offer some fruitful table conversation and you might just find some interesting
trivia about the eatery, its owners or its history.
Local bakeries offer specialities that take you beyond the normal donut and
croissant. Look closely and you just might find quiche and meat stuffed rolls in a
bakery. Stop in on small eateries. Don’t be afraid to step inside beyond the menu
plastered on the window. Many small eateries boast their own unique chef or have
dessert cases, inside the store, that you would have otherwise missed had you not
summoned the bravery to go in and explore.
Speaking of exploring. Don’t be so hesitant to veer off of the tourist beaten
path. Side streets and small byways offer less busy establishments but that have no
less exquisite delicacies to be sampled. Buy one and share usually works well.
Traveling becomes more of a memorable event when you make a point of
sampling the local culinary fare or bring back a sample to enjoy later

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