Fishing Trip Dreams

The hopes and dreams of a fishing trip long-planned and much anticipated can be the highlight of your summer. You really cannot compare the feeling of fulfillment that one can find after a successful day out fishing! Whether you take family along or just go by yourself, fishing is a joy unto itself . A fishing trip starts with the hope that you will come back with a bounty of fish. Heading home excited to enjoy a wholesome meal with your family carrying the tale of the journey and, possibly, a fish story or two to boot. The customary things that you will need to make your fishing trip a success are:
● a good fishing pole
● the appropriate bait for what you are trying to catch
● a tackle box
● a fishing net on a pole and
● a bucket to take home your catch.
There are a few other trivialities that you may want to pack into your tackle box. Like some handi-wipes to clean your hands, a needle nose plier to help get the fish hook out of the fish’s mouth and a half bucket of water to keep your fish in until you get them home. If you plan to take children with you, it’s a good idea to take a few band aids and some eyewash like Visine because very often than not, someone will snag themselves on a hook, get poked by the fin of a fish or get muddy water splashed into their eyes

As for the dreaming part, it is well known that many people get their best dreaming done while on a fishing trip. It’s a time when you can keep hopes alive, work out your problems in your head and slip into a wonderful fresh air dreamstate while you sit by the shore waiting for a bite. Morning fishing is laden with the glorious sights and sounds of the cacophony from waking birds. Daytime fishing affords the luxury of meeting like-minded fisher-friends and evening fishing allows you to behold the glory of a sunset.

Fishing of course has its downsides- once you get those fish home, you do have to scale them along with a ceremonial beheading and gutting. But after that, get ready for the best part of cooking fresh fish! It’s as simple as smearing some garlic butter, fresh parsley, paprika and black pepper.



it could be that you are fishing for catfish which has to be skinned. As gregorius as it may sound, nailing a catfish to a tree out back, making a small incision around the head and using your trusty pliers to snatch the skin down past the tail, is the most effective way to get it done. Gorey though it may be, cutting up chunks of boneless catfish for fried catfish nuggets is a splendid meal.

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So get on out into nature and go fishing sometimes soon and leave your worries at the lake.

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