Marriage One of the Most Sacred Events in Our Lives

freeimage-4973323-webIslandgirlwrites and MarriageOne of the most sacred events in our lives is the time we find our soul mate and plan the event when we’ll say “I do”! That’s when we we start to discuss all the (dreaded and horribly expensive) things about Weddings {the Dress, the Tux and the Ring} and everything else in between. The Venues, the menus, the Cake, the music, the reception and the First Dance…the list goes on… Why do we do this to ourselves anymore? It’s time to cut off the head of the Wedding Monster!

It’s time to hear about wedding shortcuts and there are a myriad of sites to show you how to accomplish a more sensible low-budget wedding. {Yes, it can be done without breaking the bank}. There are so many Bridezillas out there, but truth be told, the lavish $20,000 wedding day has fallen from grace. It’s best to just watch Bridezillas on TV when you need a good laugh! It loses it’s comic relief when couples finds themselves struggling to make the ends see each other after they’ve wasted untold thousands of dollars on a haplessly funded public spectacle.

Weddings, today, are taking on a more comfortable feel with a flare for a natural venue setting like a gazebo in a public park. Officiants are changing from ministers to, in some states, notary public’s whose certification allows them to officiate weddings. They too, can marry you at the park, on the beach, or right in your backyard. Chapels all over the U.S. still offer 15 minute weddings (vegas-style) for little of nothing. Receptions are downsizing. Onlookers can nosh on self-serve petite sandwiches and drink lavender mint tea in labeled mason jars that they get to take home as a memento, in lieu of the expensive champagne toast. Wedding cupcakes are replacing the giant ornate monstrosity, that never gets fully eaten anyway. The wedding party can dress in what they like as long as they meet the chosen color scheme, without having the expense of having special clothing made, that they’ll never wear again. Couples are mixing their own reception music on iTunes and skipping the expensive band or DJ. And nothing says cheap honeymoon better than a stay-cation at a quiet nearby beach or B & B, rather than opting for an outrageously priced flight and hotel package.

The true nature of weddings in this day and time is becoming more of a value-priced affair. This isn’t the same as bargain basement, it just means that a great and wholesome way to seal your bond no longer has to be a lavish affair. It’s makes you much more strategic as a team to lead off your journey together committed to being sensible, organic and wise.

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