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One of the most sacred events in our lives is the time we find our soul mate and plan the event when we’ll say “I do”! This is a place to discuss all things about Weddings {the Dress, the Tux and the Ring} and everything else in between. Venues, menus, the Cake, the First Dance…the list goes on…Let’s hear about your wedding shortcuts and share how you might have accomplished a low-budget wedding {Yes, it can be done without breaking the bank}. Are there any Bridezillas out there…we’d love to hear your stories..we need a good laugh!

Marriage as a sacred ceremony has been losing some of its sanctity–Let’s bring Marriage back!!

Post your comments about the things you do or say to your Sweetie that keeps the home fires burning. Are you struggling in your marriage? Are you a new wife just trying to get a handle on your role. Here’s a safe place to share all of that..who knows someone else might just be having the same issue and can lend a thought or two that might help. Post your comments on the good, bad and ugly—well, (changed our mind…) how about let’s put our best foot forward and let’s try to start off with the good stuff about Marriage, okay?

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