New Book By IslandGirlWrites: Improving on Perfection Molding Your Children Solidly Before They Leave the Nest

Check Out my New Book Improving on Perfection

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Improving on Perfection: Molding your children solidly before they leave the nest

Islandgirl Writes offers up a book created for the parenting genre. Once again, Pamela Scruggs uses her authoritative voice to assert that focusing on your parenting skills can dramatically enhance the outcome of your children’s lives. Chocked full of straight talk and laughable moments, Improving on Perfection outlines the wisdom of targeting your child’s academic acumen and how to deeply permeate their value system.

 This is a results-driven work outlining concepts, tips and trick and good old-fashioned childrearing sense peppered with both the wit and candor Islandgirl Writes books are known for.

This book is meant to impact the way you look at parenting and encourage you to fearlessly step up and engage your child meeting them where they are or where they have a need.

Empower yourself as a parent so you can master your hopes and dreams of molding your children solidly before they leave the nest!

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